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July 20, 2018

Hunting & Fishing

Hunting & Fishing

I like to hunt and fish, since, Since I moved to Arizona, I have hunted elk and tagged two cow elk and missed a nice bull, i have tagged one mule deer, and most of my hunting has been in the mountains of Arizona for elk and mule deer. When I was hunting in North Carolina for deer and Squirrels it would be in the swamps and ridges along the coastal plains.

Hunting & Fishing, A hobby and a favorite pass time.

I have fished in the Colorado river and caught a couple of striped bass. I have found fishing in rivers to be different than fishing in creeks or surf fishing. I am still learning how to fish the rivers , i moved here from North Carolina, were I surf fished and fished in the creeks for bluegill , redbreast sunfish, chain pickerel’s, known in the area as jacks. and red fin pickerels know as red fin pike.

Bluegill and bream are a favorite fish for frying. They don’t call them pan fish for nothing. cooked right they are delicious.

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