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Difference Between Night and Day

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July 20, 2018


I have put various tips about gardens, poker and have a little bit of content on hunting and fishing. i also have articles on politics and quotes from the founding father’s and other famous Americans. I will have topics on the various types of jobs , I have had over the years, up to present time; from construction to industrial and the type of work, skills and knowledge, I have acquired over the years. the companies i consider good and fair and the ones I thing were not fair to me and others by the way they went about there operations. there will be articles about equipment operation.

I was raised in a farming community. I learned about raising vegetables early in life. I raised hogs, chickens and cows, i bailed hay and stored the hay in the barn. I also raised corn for the farm animals. We raise our own vegetables like corn, tomatoes, radishes, cucumbers, cabbage, peppers, and a lot of other types.

Having grown up in a country environment I fished and hunted, this was a pass-time i enjoyed. I did not have to bag any game or catch any fish all the time, the time alone in the woods or by the creek was a time of rest and relaxation to me. although I like to eat fish from the creeks and oceans. I liked hunting deer and squirrels also.

I like playing poker, once you get past the cards, it becomes a chess game of who can outsmart who. There are definitely skills to the game, my favorite game at this time is Texas holdem. They’re definitely different levels of skill and ways to play. Texas holdem is a game with constant learning curves and ways to play any hand, and ways to outsmart or outplay an opponent. Other types of poker are seven card stud, Omaha, draw and a lot of other variations.

I also have content on politics and the problems we face because of certain politicians and the current state of our countries affairs.

I am active in a couple of tea parties. I am a member of Tea Party Nation, Tea Party Patriots. Tea-party Net, and Arizona Tea Party Network. I constantly get emails from these tea parties. At this time We The People need to become vary proactive to save our republic from Tierney .

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