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July 23, 2018

Deer Hunting Trip

Deer Hunting Trip

I was going hunting in woods bordering our farm. This particular evening I was going hunting with my brother in law. I had told him where I knew a 6 point or 3 by 3 whitetail buck deer hung out. I was going to help him tag it. On the way out there I told him he better get a coat, because when the sun goes down it gets right chilly. He said he was all right, so I said OK.

I had a tree stand on the edge of the field. I told him to get in it, and I would scare the buck into the field, because I knew were it bedded down under a wind fall. I also told him  to give me 30 minutes, to get to the wind fall and after I would run to cover a road, in the woods, where the buck might cross, he got in the tree stand and I proceeded to go around in back of the stand in the woods to scare the deer to him.

I got near the wind fall and I heard the deer get up. Than I ran to the road and watched, the buck did not cross. I waited and waited and did not here a shot, so I waited 30 more minutes and walked over to a tree that bordered the field and peaked out. I did that just in case, I did not want to risk getting shot. He was not in the stand.

I walked over to the stand and as I was walking started looking for fresh deer tracks, to see if I could tell were the deer came out at, amazing as it was; the deer had ran out not ten feet from the stand. I went back to the house, to find him drinking coffee at the kitchen table. I ask him why he left the stand. He said, “I got cold with out a coat and came back to the house to get one and realize, it would be getting to late, to go back out, so I got a cup of coffee to warm me up, OK.

I waited for about a week and went back to that place, to see if the buck came back, He did. I was sitting behind a stump were I could see the field and down the road , when I heard some thing move, it was the buck and I collected him , and I got my brother in law to help me skin and prepare the  deer for the freezer.

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